An industrial fur farm in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley is selling thousands of mink cages. It’s unclear if this factory farm is closing its operations, reducing its size, or selling off old cages to buy new ones. These empty mink cages are relics of a horrific nightmare. No more screams, no more suffering. Decades upon […]

In 2014, the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) updated their industry guidelines for pig welfare and recommended that the pork industry end the use of gestation crates (or sow stalls) by 2024. This statement is taken from NFACC’s website under the heading, What The Science Says: [T]here are scientifically supported negative welfare aspects of […]

Going vegan is an important first step in the fight for animal liberation. But it’s not enough. Individualizing the problem of animal exploitation to consumers absolves them from taking any additional, meaningful steps to dismantle the oppressive system of animal agriculture. By not eating animal products, there exists a fallacious assumption that by purchasing only […]

During the initial months of the coronavirus pandemic, we tracked COVID-19 outbreaks in Canadian slaughterhouses. Along with long-term care homes, slaughterhouses quickly became COVID-19 hotspots, with the Cargill slaughterhouse in High River, Alberta being the centre of Canada’s largest COVID-19 outbreak, with over 950 workers contracting the virus. Tragically, 3 people died because of that […]

On April 13, 2020, there were 38 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in a High River, Alberta slaughterhouse that is operated by Cargill, a company based in Minnesota, US. Just four days later, Alberta Health Services announced that there were now 358 COVID-19 cases linked to this slaughterhouse. This is the latest in a series of […]