This is our last post (for now)

After two years, we’ve decided to move on to other projects. We’ll continue to fight for animals in other capacities. It’s crucial to step back and reflect on our work as advocates and regularly ask ourselves what kind of impact we’re having through our advocacy, and if we can use our skills and resources more effectively – more wisely – to achieve greater change through different means. The time has come for us to do that.

We are motivated by structural change and will keep working to challenge the speciesist status quo. We are motivated by a belief that one day humanity will look back at the grotesque brutalization and oppression of animals in our agricultural system with a haunting remorse. We are motivated by an optimism that the future for animals is brighter than the nightmare they are living today. We are hopeful because there are countless dedicated individuals and organizations fighting systems of oppression, who work tirelessly every day to dismantle cruel institutions of animal exploitation.

Thank you to everyone for your support and collaboration. Animals will have their day. The work continues.