For Sale: Mink cages. Used.

An industrial fur farm in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley is selling thousands of mink cages. It’s unclear if this factory farm is closing its operations, reducing its size, or selling off old cages to buy new ones.

These empty mink cages are relics of a horrific nightmare. No more screams, no more suffering. Decades upon decades, thousands upon thousands of animals endured tortuous conditions inside these wire enclosures, only to be gassed and skinned for their fur. Fur that has always belonged to them. Fur that never should have been taken from them.

No animals belong in these cages. They belong in a museum of animal cruelty, a chilling reminder of how callous humans have become in their pursuit for profit. These cages are a symbol of how broken and immoral our political and economic systems are – the systems that create the institutional frameworks that enable and publicly fund such atrocious industries.

The following photos are from the ad.

These photos and video were all taken on British Columbia’s fur farms when cages like these were in use.

Fur farming is still legal in B.C. and Canada. Help us end it. See our previous post on how you can take action.

Until every cage is empty.